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Is it worth it to آيا ارزش آن را داشت ؟

آيا ارزش آن را داشت؟ خوب او را شكستيد، خردش كرديد، تحقير شد، خجالت كشيد، شرمنده شد. شما چه به دست آورديد؟ پس از آن نقشه كشيدن ها، به اين و آن متوسل شدن ها، راست و دروغ را سر هم كردن ها، تا صبح […]

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Tehran Weekly Magazine is the leading Persian-Language weekly magazine in the United States and around the world. In 1996, Mr. Shahbod Noori published Tehran International Weekly Magazine, which covers world news, entertainment, art, sports, cultural & social events, politics, etc., by utilizing the talents of the […]

about us

Meet Shahbod Noori, President of Tehran Magazine

Press Release,  An Exclusive: Shahbod Noori was born on March, 1964, in Tehran, Iran. He became a driving instructor there at age 17. When the regime changed in Iran, he fled from his country through the mountains to Pakistan. There he continued to work as a […]